The Results are In

Residents of the 6th Ward recently came together to bring the power of democracy back to our local community. Over 8 days, at voting locations through our neighborhoods, citizens came together to vote on how to spend $100,000 of the ward's budget.

It was the first vote of its kind in our city a huge step forward to giving citizens a real voice in the future of our city.

In all, over 400 people or 4% of the ward cast votes for potential projects and initiatives in the 6th Ward. This result surpasses the participation percentage that most other cities had in their first year of participatory budgeting.

A detailed breakdown of the vote is embedded below. For now, here are three winning projects chosen by you!

  1. Street Lighting
    • Good neighborhood lighting brings down crime and beautifies an area. The 6th ward will set aside money from the budget to enhance street lighting where it is most needed in the ward. Cost: $50,000
  2. Security Cameras
    • Install of mobile security cameras which can be remotely monitored via the internet and can be relocated anywhere throughout the ward as security needs change. Cost: $30,000
  3. Trash Cans
    • Place 10-20 new trash cans with an optional dog waste bag dispenser in high traffic areas within the ward. Locations will include major intersections, bus stops and other high pedestrian traffic areas. Cost:$15,000


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