Repealed special inspections for landlords renting through the Section 8 program, making it easier for landlords to participate. Changed local fair housing law to provide explicit protections for Section 8 renters. It is now unlawful for a landlord in St. Louis to have a “No Section 8” policy.

Key cosponsor of ordinance mandating the city's minimum wage increase to $11/hour by 2018. This was overturned by the Missouri General Assembly, but set the tone and grassroots effort for statewide passage of an increase at the ballot in November 2018.

Passed bill to fund North/South Metrolink expansion and supporting programs surrounding the line.

Passed board bill to put protections in place for incarcerated women who are pregnant and to ensure high quality and free tampons and pads in our city jails.

Cosponsored update of law to remove the fee exemption charged to vacant buildings that have fallen into disrepair. Properties were exempt if under a redevelopment agreement with the City. This was the first anti Paul McKee bill introduced at the Board of Aldermen.

Co sponsored legislation to protect victims of domestic violence from being evicted by updating our nuisance law. Another bill required employers to provide unpaid leave for victims of domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking.

Cosponsored Demolition by Neglect ordinance to discourage vacant property owners from allowing buildings to deteriorate and become impossible to rehab.

Passed an ordinance allowing for collection and certification of administrative fines assessed by the Building Commissioner, causing a special tax bill to be assessed and added to the annual real estate tax bill. This allows City Counselors to more quickly and effectively address problem properties and increases revenue allowing for program expansion.

Worked on complete streets policy for transportation improvements to be planned, designed and constructed to ensure pedestrian, wheelchair and bicycle safety.  

Cosponsored city’s first bike share program now expanded to include multiple shared active transportation choices.

Cosponsored ordinance to allow for traffic calming measures such as speed humps and tables to be allowed on city streets.


Undertook the City’s first Participatory Budgeting project.

Cosponsored ordinance and changed policy to expand urban farming. Allows for small farm animals to be kept outside of restrictions on number pets and allows residents to sell eggs, honey and produce from the properties where they are grown, without costly business licenses.

Cosponsored law to record votes taken by members of the Board of Aldermen which are kept in a searchable digital format and published online.

Cosponsored ordinance requiring the recording of all public meetings of the St. Louis Board of Aldermen, including committee meetings and the creation of a YouTube Channel.

Cosponsored campaign contribution limitations for local elected officials.

Cosponsored ordinance amending Civilian Oversight Board law to empower the COB to issue subpoenas to compel witnesses and produce evidence.

Cosponsored establishment of the Office of Financial Empowerment as a division of the Treasurer’s Office. The office conducts educational programs and provides counseling regarding financial education.

Cosponsored legislation to create the Senior Services Fund to provide services allowing older adults basic assistance to be able to age in place in their own homes.


Smart Development

Supported Resolutions for tax incentive reformation.

Work with neighborhoods, the Saint Louis Development Corporation, Team TIF, and the Board's Financial Analyst to ensure developers are awarded only the level of incentives needed for projects to move forward.

Supported approximately 265 million dollars of investment in the ward, including high quality affordable housing projects, new businesses, and rehabilitated properties. 



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